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Schloss Augustusburg in Brühl . One of the most important baroque buildings, UNESCO world heritage site
 31563 30th May 2014

Quvenzhané Wallis is the new face of Armani Junior
My friends are going to want to borrow all my clothes.

Two leeeeetles. 
 11643 29th May 2014
oh. yes. 
 15242 29th May 2014
 3322 29th May 2014
 145045 29th May 2014
 9334 18th May 2014
 5866 30th April 2014

Literally life changing.

I feel so empowered. 
 77666 30th April 2014


Why did you become a poet?

Megan Falley:

I was frustrated that there is only on word in the English Language for “dream.” That is why I became a poet.